Yes. Absolutely, 100% yes. Especially now Covid restrictions are lifting across the country. 
But just in case you wanted some more detail, we’ll explain. 
Now that the UK is very slowly starting to reopen, many people are starting to plan events. Whether they’re little events with just one other household, or getting ready for the big events when we can meet in big groups again, the planning wheels are already in motion and a big part of that planning? Decorations! 
The problem is, Covid has spurred a lot of people into starting their own businesses, either to make some extra money on the side, or as a replacement for a job they may have lost. While we do believe in supporting new businesses, decorating your home or a venue is something that is best left to the trained, qualified professionals. But why? 
We’re Still Here 
This is potentially the biggest reason to use a professional party decorator and it’s simple. We’re still here. Our party shop in Knaphill was established a long time before Covid hit the scene (21 years ago to be exact) and we’ll carry on being here for a good long while yet also, along with that comes 21 years of experience, knowledge and understanding of venue décor and helium balloons. We’ve also been doing balloon delivering in Woking and the surrounding areas all through Covid and will continue to do so even once life is back to normal. We’ve been there, done that and got the t-shirt so to speak, so when you use a professional you won’t get any silly mistakes or disappointing birthday balloons. 
If a professional party decorator makes you an intricate balloon display, it will stay beautiful for hours or even days. Whereas a decorator who is self-taught, or with little experience might provide you with something that looks great at first, but deflates after a few hours. At Event Planners Surrey we’ve made those mistakes – it’s all part of learning after all – but the difference is your event won’t be our guinea pig and you won’t have to worry about it all falling apart. Not only that, but we’ll also make sure to overstock on unique or specific balloons, so if something goes wrong, we have a backup A, B and C ready to go. That’s why we’re able to say we’re professional party decorators and we deliver that professional service. 
More Than Just Balloons 
Another big perk of a professional decorator and party planner is that decorating is what we do – and we’ve done it for a long time. And with all of that experience and knowledge, you can get a little creative. Like the look of those amazing helium balloon arches on Amazon? We can create it, rather than delivering a box of balloons and minimal instructions. When you come to us you don’t just get some helium balloons. You get information and advice about the best options for you and you get a personalised decoration with extra, special touches. For example, we have recently invested in a heat gun, which allows us to seal small, inflated balloons inside bigger balloons. These are really popular as birthday balloons or baby shower gifts and gives you something completely unique that won’t deflate over time and there’s no end to the combinations we could create. We hand-craft amazing displays and party balloons bespoke to your event and make sure they still look amazing for weeks after. 
Insured, Trained & Certified 
This is a really big part of why you should use a professional and we’ve included it because we’ve seen one too many people get burned throughout lockdown and before. When you use a professional party decorator, you know they have been trained, certified and insured. We are trained not just in how to create intricate displays, but how to install and take them down safely, what materials to use to get the best results, health and safety and even the tools needed in everyday work. A good party decorator will also be a member of a trade organisation (NABAS is one of the best), which gives you additional peace of mind and reassurance, knowing that your supplier is insured with gold standard, industry specific cover, as well as ongoing training, guidance and governance to keep them ahead of the curve. 
Finally, a professional will have the proper insurance. This is important because when you’re holding events in a venue, most places will ask for proof that your suppliers are insured. If they can’t provide proof of insurance, they will be turned away. Insurance gives venues (and you) a safety net, so if your party decorator breaks something in your home during installation, or worse causes damage to a venue, there is a way to recoup those costs. If you use someone who isn’t insured, you’re paying for that out of your own pocket. 
As the world opens back up, we can’t wait to welcome you back to the shop and provide you with all the party supplies you need. So please, if you have any questions please get in touch with us, or pop by the shop and we’d love to help you plan your special event. 
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